In celebrate of Banned Books Week, here’s a quote from one of the books on ALA’s list of banned and challenged books for this past year.

Neverwhere (Audiobook / eBook / eAudiobook) by Neil Gaiman.

Check out Neil Gaiman wearing a shirt feature this year’s banned book focus— graphic novels!

Want to celebrate with us? Try Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series!



The newest batch of Pokemon minis are finally done, too! This round also features my little sister’s Aromatisse, Pepsi Throwback, using Speedo Powers. Or maybe she’s just an underwear model now. Pepsi moves in mysterious ways.

(The full story: it was late, she was talking aloud while playing Y, and slurred ‘speed o-power’ so that it sounded like speedo power. Doodles ensued.) 

The Pokemon mini-commissions are still open. They’re 20$ per pokemon, and anybody interested in having one made can email me at alliebirdseed (at) gmail (dot) com ! More examples can be seen here, and here.

And, as always, thanks so, so much to everybody who commissioned these!! I’ve really enjoyed working on them : D